Environmental and Territorial Management Institute (ETMI) is a non-profit organization founded in March 2014.

ETMI collaborate with experts in the field of environment, territory and other related fields to promote environmental and territorial management at regional, national and international level in accordance with modern sustainable development standards.



The Environmental and Territorial Management Institute stands for sustainable development, environmental justice, territorial management, transparency, participatory democracy.

It promotes the clean, healthy and sustainable environment


The objectives of the Center are the fulfillment of its mission by:

a) Conducted research in the field of environmental and territorial management and development studies in these fields

b) Promoting sustainable development through public participation

c) Public awareness on environmental issues through educational programs

d) Development and implementation of environmental and territorial policies

e) To provide advice and consultancy as well as organize training for enhancing the quality of activities of Albanian environmental organizations and territorial development

f) To conduct studies and research aimed at promoting and developing the initiative in the field of transfer of new technologies in all areas of environmental, territorial development, water, treatment, waste management, renewable energy, conservation and preservation of biodiversity and land use planning etc

g) To provide assistance, services, consultancy and training to public institutions, enterprises, associations and different target groups, especially new ones, to the possession and application of technologies and methods of improving the state of a healthy environment etc

h) To promote activities in Albania and abroad aimed especially mass recognition and acquisition of international norms and standards in the field of the environmental protection and sustainable territorial development

i) To take part in various projects in accordance with the objectives and goals of the center

j) To encourage the involvement of youth in the field of environment in various national and international programs


Studies and Project:


– Studies on protection of water bodies, integrated waste management, promotion and use of information technologies in the service of environmental protection as GIS etc

– Studies on the use and promotion of renewable energy (biomass, wind, water, sun) and energy   efficiency in buildings

– Studies on biodiversity and soil protection

– Studies to assess the impact on the environment, social and economic developments in various environmental and urban areas

– Provide technical support to local governments for territorial policy – making

– Provide technical support to local governments to organize public – hearings

– Provide training in order to enhance the professional and technical qualities of the territorial local planning authorities

– Provide training to increase the participation and involvement of stakeholders in the processes of territorial planning

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