Energy Audit of Public Buildings

Energy Audit of Public Buildings

February  2015 – September 2015

Donor and Partner: Regional Environmental Center, Albania

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Nowdays  cities are facing challenges in energy management in various economic sectors such as buildings, transport, industry and agriculture. Day by day the demand for energy in these sectors comes growing. This high energy consumption is directly related to the growth of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere and at a high cost to the budget of local governments.

One of the sectors that consume more energy among them is the buildings sector. High energy consumption in this sector is due to their poor performance. This translates into buildings  with no insulation structure, with windows without standards, improper orientation of the building and a lack of continuous auditing and monitoring their energy.

In Albania the concept of the energy audit is a new concept. Experts working in local institutions like municipalities or municipalities lack the concept of energy audit and its management.

These experts face more difficulties in managing energy facilities that are under the responsibility of the municipality as kindergartens, schools, kindergartens, street lighting, municipal buildings etc.

The aim of the project was to conduct an Energy Audit of a Kindergarten at Tirana Municipality. First activity was data collection on site on energy measurement and after the technical calculations to come up with the energy performance. The final product was the Energy Audit Report which was after disseminated through seminars at different Municipalities in Albania.

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