Financing Energy Efficiency Projects in Albania: Barriers and Opportunities

Financing Energy Efficiency Projects in Albania: Barriers and Opportunities

March 2018 – September 2018
Donors: Fridrich Elbert Stifung Albania



The renovation of the existing building sector in terms of energy efficiency improvements is essential in order to achieve the national objectives but also to meet the reduction by 20% of the final energy consumption set by Energy Community treaty. According ‘’Directive 2012/27/EU’’ among other issues an important requirement is removing of barriers (imperfect information, access to capital, hidden cost, political unwillingness etc) and identification of innovative financing models (third party investment, soft loans, grants, subsidies) for investment in Energy Efficiency projects. The same model may be applied for renewable energy projects. In collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Albania , ETMI conducted a research aiming to get an understanding of the energy efficiency market barriers that exist in Albania and proposing alternative financial schemes to overcome these barriers.
The research brought in good cases mainly from NETHERLANDS considering alternative financial schemes to invest in EE that can be easily adopted in Albanian context and in a near future attracting foreign donors to invest. The target group of the research are: Ministry of infrastructure and Energy, energy experts working at municipalities, Banks, energy equipment companies, energy consultant.
The research comes up in the form of policy paper that is disseminated on the final conference that took place on October with participation of local stakeholders interested on the issue.

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