Movement for Green Energy in Alps Rivers

Movement for Green Energy in Alps Rivers

March 2016 – July 2016
Donor of the project: Leviz Albania (Swiss embassy partner)


The aim of the project was to research on the environmental impact that small hydro power plants have on the river quality. The experts of the project did an assessment of the technical project and resulted that the hydro power project must not be constructed on the site. During the project were realized a set of activities that aiming the protection of rivers. The experts of the project come up with three documents. The first document aimed to assess the impact of hyro power plants into the environment and the second and third document was a due diligence document to describe the legal issues that were not taken into consideration.
– Community Awareness with local communities in Kelmen, North Albania
The activity took place in Kelmend (North part of Albania) that is planned the construction of a series of hydro power plants. The open forms are realized with the presence of the local communities who share their opinion and concern the planned hydro power projects. The meetings aimed to mobilize to advocate to local and central government to prevent the construction of hydro power plants.

– Protest to stop hydro-power plants in Valbona River
The protest joined together local communities from the whole Albania mainly from North Albania (Valbona River) and South Albania (Vjosa River) to advocate against construction of the hydro power plants planned to be build near the places. The communities protested in front of the Ministry of Energy and Prime Minister Office.

– Youth Engagement in River Protection
In partnership with WWF Austria we joined together for a period of 4 days 25 youth coming from EU countries and Albania. During the three days were organized a set of workshops aiming to raise awareness of youth on protection river resources and promoted their values. Additionally, the workshops aimed to exchange experience between students and to share best practices on waster resource management etc.

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