United for Water and Nature

United for Water and Nature

March 2018-June 2018


ETMI in partnership with ‘’Lets do Peja’’ from Kosovo implemented the cross-border project ‘’United for Water and Nature’’. The project aimed to raise the awareness of youth from both countries on natural based solutions as cost effective methods to adapt to climate change. The first activity took place in Peja, Kosovo where the project leaders organized the seminar at high school with the students by presenting them the importance of water quality and Geen-Infrastructure as a recent method to improve the water quality. During the second part of the activity the student visited the source of Rugova stream. The experts of the project used the equipment on site to measure the quality of the rivers. The second activity took place in Kukes, Albania. The same methodology used on the first seminar, were used in Kukes with the student of the high school. The main theme of the seminar was to study the factors that influenced the water quality of Fierza basin. The students presented the factors and consequences that are influencing the water quality. The urban waste resulted to be the main factor that has an impact on the water, also waste water at some points is harming the water environment.
The conference was the last activity that joined together the representatives of Peja and Kukes municipalities. Present in the conference were members from Peja Municipality Council, Kukes municipality who shared their opinions and vision for protection of Drini River between two countries.

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