“Waste Treatment and Their Challenges Ahead”

“Waste Treatment and Their Challenges Ahead”

May 2018

Donor and Partner: GIZ Albania, Dutch Embassy in Albania, Swiss Cooperation

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The partner of the project was, ‘’Polytechnic University of Tirana’’, who enable to collaborate together to implement the small living lab on Waste Management. The target group where master students who for a period of three months work on data collection and analyzing the three different case studies: (i) Engineering Closing Measures for Sanitary Landfills, (ii) How to design an Sanitary Engineering Landfill (iii) Biogas engineering calculations. The students were mentored by project expert throughout the duration of the project.

The first phase of the project was Data Collection; students with the mentors based their work on the field to identify the main problems/challenges on site. During the second phase the students get involved in the engineering calculations to design and calculate the requirement objectives.
After working for a period of 3 months the students introduced their work in the presence of Minister of Environment and Tourism, Representative of GIZ and Dutch Embassy who shared their opinions on the project results. The second day of the activity took place in Korca Landfill, students and other stakeholders visited the site and discussed on the potential impact the landfill may have to the municipality.

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